About Us

Tech-Savvy Coy is a full fledge Information Communication and Technology company, which is established with a single mission - to provide cost effective scalable solution to the world most complex networking customers in a seamless environment.

We are a full service Information Technology Company that develops infrastructure to empower enterprise organisation to attain their optimal level of business process using professional hands with diverse background.

Our customers know that they can count on Tech Savvy for reliability and flexibility in services we render, largely because of our experience in managing some of the most dynamic network in the industry.

Tech-Savvy was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2011, RC 472536 with her head office in Lagos, Operational Offices in Ilorin and Abuja, we are a one in all outfit offering services in areas of vital importance and need to customers. This is done with utmost simplicity and dedication by crops of highly trained professionals.

We are a technological services oriented company dedicated to acquiring proven and advanced technology and applying them to provide efficient and effective solutions to real life business challenges thus making your business procedures as ‘smooth’ as possible.