structural cabling ( Power | Data | Voice )

Structured wiring is an organized arrangement of high quality cables and connections that distribute services throughout the home or business.

It is the technological foundation of any modern business or home's infrastructure. It helps to provide reliable voice, video, and data communications for hundreds of applications and more.

Structured Cabling Systems, professionally designed and implemented, not only support existing infrastructure and devices, but also have the capacity to grow with new technologies and demands.

The Advantages of Structural Cabling Systems:

  • Computer, printer, phone, security camera, etc. can function through the same cabling system.
  • Standardizing hardware and software will lower total cost of ownership. It will pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.
  • Supports Internet, intranet, video conferencing, IP, phone etc.
  • Easy expansion and upgradeability. A simple change and you can move any data point or phone line to any room or location. No costly re-cabling.
  • Malfunctions can quickly be identified and repaired.
  • After installation, day-to-day management is easy and usually doesn’t require costly service calls.
  • It organizes cable for easy access and decorative appearance through the Patch Panel and Cabinet System application.
  • Homes or buildings with Structured Wiring have a higher resale value.

We offer complex services in the field of designing and execution of structural cabling installations. We offer our assistance in a designing stage, at preparation of primary conception of cabling layout and arrangement of access points. Our experience guarantees selection of the best solutions, which will fully satisfy your expectations.

Our offer includes:

  • Development of conception of systems or economic & technical assumptions
  • Preparation of preliminary design
  • Preparation of design documentation
  • Training of Customer’s personnel
  • Warranty and post-warranty service (periodical maintenance)