Surveillance Systems ( CCTV / IP cameras )

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a television transmission system in which live or prerecorded signals are sent over a closed loop to a finite and predetermined group of receivers, either via coaxial cable or as scrambled radio waves that are unscrambled at the point of reception.

Although all of these applications of CCTV are fairly common, perhaps the most pervasive use of CCTV is for surveillance. Security cameras are now an ubiquitous feature of many institutions and places, from the corrections facility to the convenience store. In prisons, CCTV systems reduce the costs of staffing and operating observation towers and make it possible to maintain a constant watch on all areas of the facility. CCTV is also used as a means of monitoring performance in the workplace

Advantages of CCTV:

  • Live Display and Record
  • Various Screen Modes
  • Cash Register POS Integration
  • Schedule Management
  • Fast, Easy Data Search
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Security and Stability
  • Event Notifications (Trigger traditional alarm device)