Software Development

Automating processes to save cost and increase return on investment is the sole aim of implementing systems and software application in any organization, we are proud to brand ourselves to have a third-party license agreement with SAP AG through Marc Innovations India in the provision of SAP modules or as the case maybe.

As a company we can develop a Custom made application to soothe the specific need of the company, as itemized below or the more generally accepted software applications in ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) such as we have in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g platforms also we outsource and Design, Install, Build, and implement Systems Applications and Products (SAP) from scratch to implementation.

Some of our Customized Software includes:

  • Bonded Advantage TM
  • Accounting Advantage TM
  • Human Resources Advantage TM
  • Payroll Advantage TM
  • Inventory Management Advantage TM

Our applications have a bundle of refined features, which are essential tools in the workings of the best possible system for all office automation solutions.

Key Features:

  • Built using an object oriented platform
    Rather than Procedural approach, programs that make up our software Applications are built using objects with certain properties and procedures provided by the development environment. This results in the graphic presentation making it possible to operate the system by clicks of mouse buttons on the objects.
  • Runs on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 etc
    Our Software application runs on windows platform, as this is the most popular operating system.
  • Multi-user operation
    Using a network protocol, the software can be configured for use by more than a user at a time. This has the overall benefit of data sharing and increased processing speed.
  • Data Security and integrity
    The Software ensures the security and integrity of stored data and information by requiring for input by user, a valid User ID and associated password .To this end the system administrator is empowered to create User ID and password for each authorized and associate this to a specific user group. Each user Group has certain rights at different points within the software. Users within the specific User Group exhibit these rights.
  • Historical Record Keeping
    Data stored in our Software Applications can be retained for as long as desired.
    Data transfer to common office automation software
    Our Software Applications offer the advantage of transfer of data to common office automation software e.g Microsoft Word, Excel etc. In this, reports can be reformatted to suit users needs. Also such reports can be incorporated into documents done using any of this software.
  • Support
    At Tech Savvy we understand the importance of minimum down time. We therefore have ensured that our Software Applications are engineered to be error free by passing the software through series of rigorous quality control test. We employ the same that goes into making in its support. We also undertake Maintenance Contracts and organise training courses for the users.
  • Video Export

Web Design & Development

  • E-Commerce
  • Blogs
  • Corporate Websites
  • Political & Campaign Websites
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Hosting