Computer Networking/Internet Connectivity

Plan, purchase, setup, upgrade, repair and run

Your network is the cornerstone of your business, connecting employees across sites.

As networks grow the challenges grow increasingly more complex, increasing the number of users and the addition of new services eats up more of your precious bandwidth. We ensure your network is capable of meeting your business objectives.

Network Solutions

Our network services have been deployed across several varieties of network sizes in the private and public sector.

We deploy a variety of complicated network infrastructure services from switching and wireless to WAN applications and advanced network solutions.

  • Computer Networking & Internet Connectivity
  • Internet Hotspot
  • Wide Area Network
  • Local Area Network
  • CCTV Installation + Remote View
  • Anti-Virus Protection

Supply & Installation

We supply CCTV to a very large market from small commercial products to industrial solutions. With access to hundreds of manufacturers, we can deliver the right solution for your needs. We can design and implement large scale systems including building security and retail management systems designed to protect assets and profits as well as protecting the health and safety of the public.