Digital Business

IT Consultation & Strategy

Our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of projects.

If you want to achieve something, but don’t know the steps you need to take to get there, we can help by providing advice and hands on guidance to make sure that your IT projects succeed.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you require assistance with a current E-commerce platform like Shopify or PayPal, or want to implement E-commerce for your own online presence we can help insure that your pipeline works reliably.

Payment Integration

We can help your business accept additional payment services, Visa, PayPal, Afterpay or even Bitcoin. We will help you integrate these new services into your current logistic chain.

Analytics and Tracking

How are your clients finding your site? Which advertising stream is working the best? How do users move through your site? If you are curious, we can find out.

Online Marketing

If you are concerned that your prospective clients do not have sufficient awareness of your brand, we can help with both SEO and online marketing to insure that people hear about you and can find you easily.